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Cave piano -  Common ancestor of upright and grand pianos
Closed-loop circulation -  A simple feedback system whereby a pianist triggers radial happenings as a direct reaction to radial happenings that they have themselves previously created.
Darling of the key stage -  A euphemism for Middle C
Open-loop circulation -  A complex corruption of closed-loop circulation in which radial happenings are intercepted between piano and pianist by a conscious surrounding, resulting in unpredictable subsequent radial happening sequences.
Pianocity -  The measurement of the intensity of the relationship between piano and pianist, with the resistance of the conscious surroundings.
Radial -  High tensile ligament running the length of the piano, producing a sound when struck.
Radial happening -  An aural emission of a radial, triggered commonly by finger-on-teeth exchanges.
Radial happening beater -  A tool used to artificially generate radial happenings by striking exposed piano radials. It consists of a wooden stick typically about 1 feet in length, with a tightly woven woollen head.