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Anatomy of the Piano

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Anatomy of the Piano premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013, receiving critical acclaim and sell-out audiences. Will created a family adaptation, Anatomy of the Piano (for beginners) in 2015. The shows have been touring internationally since, including performances at Sydney Opera House and Beijing Tianqaio Performing Arts Center. The work has been translated into Chinese, performed with live translation.

As with all of Will’s solo piano shows, Anatomy features whirlwind piano playing and songs performed in parallel with stories of life as a musician. The family adaptation features Will’s heroes, featuring Bach’s cave piano, a jam with Fats Waller on the Moon, as well as hand-drawn projections on a giant screen above the piano.

In April 2017, Will was invited to host the prestigious Bund Lecture in Shanghai, where his unorthodox and maverick approaches to playing, learning and finding inspiration have captured the imagination of Chinese audiences. He is currently writing a book to accompany the show, as well as manuscript of the music from the show.

anatomy_of_the_piano_trims“…man, I wish I had my guitar with me…”      – Nile Rodgers

“Brilliant pianist, charming host”                   – The Scotsman

“A lot of fun, underpinned by a serious talent”The List

“Better than Minchin”A Younger Theatre

“An exceptionally talented pianist with a quirky demeanour”Three Weeks

“A master of music, with a beautiful twist”    – Fringe Review

“the writing’s clever, almost poetic, and his piano playing exudes an effortless, almost careless, expertise”  – The Herald